Security Analytics Consulting and Services

Security Analytics Consulting

Our experts investigate security breaches, present diagnostics, and help keep your operation more secure not only against known violations, but also against new threats.

We can help your private or government institution to have more experience in analyzing the information security environment by assessing its security and maturity capabilities with respect to best security practices. If you want to create or improve your SOC (Security Operations Center), we can plan, design, build and manage the SOC for you.


Your intelligence and your security operations with regard to best practices.


A worldwide Security Operations Center (SOC) focused on detecting and reacting to security incidents.


Your security posture, using qualified security consultants and market leading services

Identify events

With security evaluation, determine which events present the greatest risk.

Reply faster

With an improved security intelligence, simplify threat analysis and accelerate the adoption of new cases and usage rules.

Reduce risks

With prevention, detection, response to incidents found and continuous performance of monitoring and analysis of processes according to insecurity risk.

Do you want to upgrade your structure and expand your possibilities?

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