Data Analytics Consulting and Services

Data Analytics Consulting

Our data engineers and scientists help your organization to extract the most value from your data, with support from source integration to the exploration, cross-referencing and visualization of information through Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Reduce Costs in Operations, Automation of Tasks, Roadmap, Process Improvement and Continuous

Big Data

Extract, Transform and Load (ETL), Distributed Processing, Massively Parallel Processing (MPP), Cloud / SaaS

Analytics Support

Data Governance and Management, Business Intelligence (BI), Dashboards (IOBVD)

Advanced Analytics

Network Analytics, Predictive Models, Cognitive Computing, Customer Experience Management (CEM)


We have a board of professionals certified on the most advanced market solutions. They are mathematicians, statisticians and developers with technical expertise.


Data Engineering team focused on Hadoop and Spark. Certification: HDPCD Certification Certification: HDP Certified Apache Spark Developer Certification: HDPCA Certification Certification: HCA Certification


System ITS has certified professionals in one of the main data analysis platforms available in the market.

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