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Going beyond Big Data

Zerum Titan™

Analyzing huge volumes of data and extracting value from them requires innovative technologies and a lot of expertise. System IT Solutions offers the answer to this challenge with Zerum Titan, Zerum Research & Technology's Hadoop-based Big Data platform.


Save data in any format, analyze gigantic amounts of information, boost your Artificial Intelligence tools and have full support from the best data engineers and scientists.

Expertise from Beginning to End

Get full support in your Big Data project, from implementation to output.

Complete Hadoop Solution

Get a complete Hadoop solution with integrated hardware, software and services.

Straightforward Big Data

Ease the entire process, from storage in any format to integration and analysis.

High Availability

Keep data mining, analysis, and visualization processes always available.

Easy Integration

Integrate your data with several tools to boost your Data Science actions.

Do you want to upgrade your structure and expand your possibilities?

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